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Duck Rings

Climbing training grips

Award   START-UP WINNER 2018
Kategorie   Start-up
Firma   Tindeq

Duck Rings are the climbers version of traditional gymnastic rings. Designed to provide a compact, lightweight and stable means of rock and alpine climbing specific training. Duck Rings are designed with a variety of grip choices allowing you to train almost any grip position you would use when climbing on real rock. Duck Rings weigh only 285 grams for a pair, yet it has the functionality of a hangboard. Perfect for to bring when on travel or as a warm-up tool on the crag. Every pair of Duck Rings is made out of high quality plywood and which gives a unique natural wood look. The wood will even absorb moisture from the hands while exercising, eliminating the use of climbing chalk.

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  • Design
  • Nachhaltigkeit

Jury Statement

Eine tolle Idee, wie wir finden: Tragbare Trainingsgriffe mit der Funktionalität von Griffbrettern, nur kleiner und leichter. Sie funktionieren auch wie klassische Trainingsringe für Aufwärmübungen und Klettertraining. Das Sperrholz fühlt sich angenehm an und greift auch die Haut an den Fingerspitzen nicht an.

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