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AirFusion EVO Drop-stitch Inflatable Kayak

Hybrid Inflatable Kayak

Award   WINNER 2018
Kategorie   Wassersport
Firma   Advanced Elements

Designed to rival the performance and speed of skin-on-frame kayaks, while simplifying the setup procedure, the kayak’s design is a fusion of aluminum frame poles, high-pressure drop-stitch air chambers, and an enclosed outer Polyurethane skin which results in a streamlined high-performance kayak. Drop-stitch technology (the same material used for inflatable SUPs) allows for great rigidity while low-pressure air thwarts replace bulky frame parts that are typically used in skin-on-frame kayaks. The aluminum keel frame creates a V-shaped hull for superior tracking while the Polyurethane skin creates a hydrodynamic surface for enhanced glide through the water and protection from the elements.

Sehr gute Bewertungen bei folgenden Kriterien

  • Funktionalität
  • Gewicht / Packmaß

Jury Statement

Das aufblasbare Kajak verspricht Allroundern gute Performance. Der einfache Aufbau und Transport haben uns beeindruckt.

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